A tale of two Treasure Valley winter

Posted at 10:37 PM, Jan 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-16 00:37:49-05

You may have noticed there is not a lot of snow in that forecast. 

A stark contrast to last year's "snowmageddon" when many of us were trying to dig ourselves out of piles of snow right about now. 

Monday people were out and about soaking up the sun.From golfing to playing on the jungle gym, people were enjoying the warmer temperatures.

" We played at camelback yesterday and Ann Morrison today just trying to soak it up while it's here," Said Abby Stimpson.

This week was a stark contrast compared to the scene last year.

"I couldn't even deal with the snow last year," Said Teresa Vega.

While we are seeing temperatures above 50 degrees this mid-January we struggled to hit double digits this time last year.

"Last year we had eight days off from school because of the snow," Said Drew Clapp

The snow was so bad it stopped people right in their tracks.

Parents were also exhausted with snow day after snow day.

"I have five boys, so it was painful," Stimpson added.

You would think no school meant lots of fun.

"So much snow I couldn't play golf for about three months," Clapp added

It seems like last years winter weather has everyone traumatized and wishing for warmer days.

"I prefer the sun 110 percent," Stimpson said.

So far this season  the Boise airport has seen close to 10 inches of snow and believe it or not that it is above average.

Another big difference comparing this year to last is the amount of snow at local ski resorts.

Bogus Basin  was forced to shut down operations for the majority of last week  because they didn't have enough snow