A look into proposition one

Posted at 10:09 PM, Oct 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-20 00:20:32-04

The November election is just around the corner. In addition to elected offices, voters will also decide on two controversial propositions. 

Proposition one would allow people to use slot-like terminals to bet on outcomes based on past horse races. The machines are known as historical horse racing machines. 

"Definitely horse racing. I used to work at the track and what not so it's definitely that I see a lot of benefits for and very important to vote on and let my opinion be known," said Aaron Goin, Boise resident.

The proposition would legalize the use of historical horse racing in certain settings. 

"It's a very important industry. It adds a lot of jobs. It's important and it's just and part of growing up here is seeing the horse racing, the tracks and providing money for schools. Something really deep and important to my heart," said Goin. 

Jonathan krutz- marketing professor, boise state
"They are promoting it as it it's an economic benefit but in fact whose going to come to Boise, Idaho to gamble in a slot machine casino . It's just people that are already here so we're not adding money to the economy," said Jonathan Krutz, Boise resident. 

He says the machines would not help the economy.

"Every dollar that goes into these casinos is money that's not being spent in out businesses in main street. We're not getting a bigger economy. We're just cannibalizing our economy and they talk about benefits in terms of jobs. These other places are going to lose jobs because money starts flowing into the casino," said Krutz

Historical horse racing was legalized back in 2013, but was later repealed in 2015.