A look back, 10 years after an Idaho tragedy

Posted at 10:14 PM, Feb 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-28 00:14:14-05

In February of 2007, a group of Gem County teenagers got into a car and headed off to school. They never made it. The tragedy had a major effect on their friends at school.

Now, ten years later, we look back at that dark day, and how a new group of teenagers at Emmett High School have come together to spread hope, help, and strength to their fellow students. School counselor John LeVergne says a program called, Sources of Strength is working, and "If kids are having difficulties, they're not afraid to share that with their friends, and then get that information to the right people.".

The grassroots program is for the students, and run by the students. Freshman Andrah Lake says the program is pretty much straight forward. Andrah Lake went on to say "We're here to help students, it might be a little bit scary, befriend them, and help them out to make their life a little bit better." Senior Faith Hagadorn agrees, "We're trained to see some of those signs. we can then connect them to the help they need whether it be an adult, or a counselor, or teacher."

Tragic events may strike this community again, but because of some caring kids at Emmett High, the school will always have a source of strength, and you can count on that.