A Gift of Music for a Treasure Valley School

Posted at 1:21 PM, Dec 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-24 15:21:46-05

This holiday season we bring you a story that's close to all of us here at Six On Your Side, the story of a man who left us too early. A teacher, coach, husband, and father.
Indeed, a modern day renaissance man who left behind the gift of music.

Music students at Lowell Scott Middle School are making the heavens sing.
John Cochrane has been teaching music in Idaho for over 35 years but never thought he would get an offer like the one he got from the mother of two of the school's students.

"Mr.Edmonds daughter e-mailed me, asked me whether we would like a baby grand donated."
"We felt so privileged; it's just unbelievable, course I said yes." Said, John.

The Mr.Edmonds he is referring to is also the father of our very own Michelle Edmonds.
Her father, Bruce passed away earlier this year, and the entire family thought he would want his piano to go to children who could use the piano to learn and grow.

I'll bet, somewhere Bruce is smiling knowing his prized piano is making beautiful music at his grandchildren's school and imagining what doors will open for so many of these students.