A Coyote a Day is helping the College of Idaho stay connected

Posted at 11:05 AM, May 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-15 13:16:25-04

CALDWELL — The College of Idaho created the Coyote a Day committee to help keep their community together while everyone is stuck at home.

"One of our biggest things here at the college is our small, close-knit community, so how do we keep that going when we are all virtual, and that aspect is taken away?" said the chair of the Coyote a Day Committee, Ashlyn Pistey.

So, they turned to social media for help.

Students and faculty are taking fun, upbeat and positive videos of themselves at home and uploading them to the Coyote a Day Youtube Channel.

"It's so fun! To see what everyone is doing while at home cause you know them pretty well on campus, especially because College of Idaho is a small campus," said College of Idaho student, Sarah Kelly.

The videos range from students dancing, to the voice of the Yotes athletics practicing his play-by-play inside.

"We have videos sort of everyone in our Yote fam just to keep that close-knit feel even though we are all separated because of this crisis," said Pistey.

The Videos are meant to show what life is like since the campus is shut down, but are also helping the students and faculty feel less isolated.

"Sometimes a video will pop up of someone I haven't talked to in a while or haven't really thought about, and then I see that video, and I'm like 'oh my gosh' that's what they're up to!" said Kelly. "It's so cool to see."

New videos are posted every day. To watch them click on this link.