A closer look at Boise State's vision for the future of athletics

Posted at 1:55 PM, Apr 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-10 16:26:34-04

BOISE, Idaho — Plans for an Athletics Master Village at Boise State University will upgrade and expand current facilities, the university athletic department announced Thursday.

We sat down with the Athletic Director Jeremiah Dickey to learn more about the project, what it will take to make it happen and those details can be found in the video.

"It truly does take a team and I don’t say that for some sort of marketing theme that is very intentional and I believe that my hope is that Bronco Nation understands that and that you are going to see more people step up to the plate," said Dickey. "It’s going to affect our drive for 10,000 members and filling Albertsons Stadium, six-games six sellouts is intentional and a priority we need to do that and you are going to see us be more vocal about what is expected for Extra Mile Arena and our other sports programs as well and my job is to go out and get them.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Meredith Spelbring

The expansion plan will impact all 18 sports programs will be a partnership with AECOM's sports practice.

Boise State outlined the Athletics Master Village priorities as:

1 | Heart of the Operation - New Varsity Center

  • Key Recommendations:
  • Create “Front Door” Experience to Boise State Athletics
  • State-of-the-Art Performance Center
  • New Academic Center
  • New Student-Athlete Nutrition and Dining Center
  • Sport Program Space & Offices: Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Softball, Track & Field / Cross Country, Gymnastics, Soccer
  • Administration Office & Program Support Space
  • New Weight Room
  • New Sports Performance, Health and Wellness Suite

2 | Albertsons Stadium - East & North Stadium Renovations

  • Key Recommendations:
  • Complete ‘Elite’ Stadium Experience
  • Complete 360 Degree Concourse 
  • Add Premium Seating 
  • New Field Level Concourse
  • Expanded Concourse Space
  • Grand East Stadium Lobby Entrance with Expanded Circulation
  • Capacity Goal: 40,000+
  • Blue Turf Field Club, Club Seating, Loge Seating
  • New Field Level Restrooms, Concessions and Fan Amenities
  • Renovated Restrooms and Concessions

3 | Arguinchona Basketball Complex

  • Key Recommendations:
  • New Sports Performance Center and Training Room Upgrades
  • State-of-the-Art Men’s and Women’s Basketball  Weight Room
  • New Men’s and Women’s Basketball Office Suite
  • New State-of-the-Art Practice Gym Video Board and Live Performance Technology

4 | ExtraMile Arena

  • Key Recommendations:
  • Premium Seating Renovation
  • Opportunity for Future Restrooms and Concessions Expansion
  • Opportunity for Future Grand Entrance Lobby
  • New Mezzanine Level Sideline Club
  • Event Level Club Renovation
  • Enhanced Premium Seating Donor Entrance
  • New Club and Loge Seating

5 | Olympic Sports Arena

  • Key Recommendations:
  • New State-of-the-Art 5,000-seat Arena
  • Competition Venue
  • New Gymnastics Practice Gym
  • Sport Program Locker Rooms, Coaches’ Offices and Support Space
  • Shared Concourse With Indoor Tennis Complex
  • Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics, Soccer, Volleyball
  • Fan Amenities, Circulation, Restrooms, Concessions

6 | Indoor Tennis Complex

  • Key Recommendations:
  • New State-of-the-Art Indoor Tennis Center
  • Six (6) Courts
  • Shared Concourse With New Olympic Arena

7 | BOAS Soccer Complex & Future Soccer Complex

  • Key Recommendations:
  • State-of-the-Art LED Lighting (BOAS Soccer Complex and Future Soccer Complex - Athletics Master Village)
  • New On-campus Soccer Complex (Athletics Master Village)
  • Program Space Located In New Olympic Arena (Locker Room & Coaches’ Offices)
  • Shared Terrace/Berm Seating & Concessions With New Beach Volleyball Courts
  • Future Video Board Installation

8 | Centralized Football Operations Complex & Upgrades

  • Key Recommendations:
  • Centralize all Football Operations Along the Boise River Greenbelt
  • Relocation of Outdoor Practice Field to Football Operations Zone
  • Expanded Bleymaier Football Center: Offices and Programming Space

9 | Dona Larsen Park

  • Key Recommendations:
  • Dedicated Programming Space: Track & Field / Cross Country (Ed Jacoby Track at Dona Larsen Park)
  • Covered and/or Indoor Hitting Bays (Huber Field at Dona Larsen Park)
  • Turf Playing Surface (Huber Field at Dona Larsen Park)
  • LED Lighting (Huber Field at Dona Larsen Park)
  • Fan Amenity Upgrades
  • Future Video Board Installation

10 | Beach Volleyball

  • Key Recommendations:
  • Competition Court Relocation to Athletics Master Village
  • Shared Terrace/Berm Seating and Concessions with New Soccer Complex

11 | Brand Consistency

  • Key Recommendations:
  • Updated and Consistent Athletics Branding on All Athletics Facilities

12 | Integration With University Master Plan

  • Key Recommendations:
  • Design Athletics Master Village To Incorporate Key Principles of the University Master Plan
  • Flexibility to Meet Changing 21st Century Demands
  • Integrate Boise River Greenbelt Into Campus
  • Reinforce a Pedestrian Campus Environment
  • Urban University and Good Neighbor 

See the full renderings here: