A board game for Boise natives

"Surviving Camel's Back" brings the nostalgia
Posted at 9:29 AM, Nov 06, 2023

BOISE, Idaho — On the heels of the announcement that the city of trees would be getting it's own Boise-themed Monopoly, a local company goes a step further with their own hyper-local board game.

On Friday, Boise OG hosted a launch party for their highly anticipated game "Surviving Camel's Back," one that conjures up a ton of nostalgia for anyone who grew up frequenting the iconic North End park. As the name jokingly implies, the game revolves around Camel's Back Park with all the squares on the board focused on different people or items you might have experienced at the park a few decades ago.

Despite how many nostalgic items they were able to fit in the game, Boise OG's owner Kelly Knopp says those who have played it keep thinking of new things that could have been included.

"I think I've played it about 200 hundred times and every time we play someone would bring up 'oh, remember the yoga person' or 'remember the guy who was out tanning in the park' or 'there's not a lot of spaces' or 'there's too may spaces' so it's been a lot of testing with friends and family for sure," said Knopp.

On that note, Knopp says if "Surviving Camel's Back" becomes a big hit here in the Treasure Valley, they could release an expansion pack at some point with more adult themes.