6th graders learn science curriculum at Bogus Basin

Posted at 4:36 PM, May 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-14 19:16:35-04

BOISE — Whitney Elementary 6th graders are escaping the 80-degree temperatures in Boise for some snow.

"There's not really snow anywhere else there's just snow here," said 6th grader Wylie Kosberg.

They're also getting a chance to ditch the classroom for a more interactive learning environment.

"One of the big things is Whitney Elementary is a school where we have kids that don't get lots of experience outside the school or city, so for our kids to be able to come up and experience Bogus Basin and do science outside the classroom is maybe a once in a lifetime experience for some of these kids," said 6th grade teacher Cindy Daly.

The Whitney Elementary students are participating in the first ever science experience field trip on the Bogus Basin slopes. The Bogus Basin Outdoor Science Pilot Program is a way for students to learn science curriculum on the mountain without the cost and get to learn more about their peers.

Besides all of the fun team building, this is also a chance for students to see what they're learning in their textbooks in-action.

"Well seeing it you're able to experience it, feel it, and if you're reading it in a text, you don't get to see the views, it's not just the science, it's the nature too," said 6th grader Adelynn Hassett.

Students are learning the standard 6th grade curriculum, like ecosystems, biology and food webs, but they're seeing it all around them.

"You can just get on the computer and look u the answer to a question, but with this, you're able to find answers to your questions, you're able just to find them outside," said Kosberg.