6 On Your Side unveils our new SkyView 6 U.A.V.

Posted at 10:16 PM, Apr 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-18 00:16:49-04

Sometimes, the key to a good story is providing a different perspective.

That is why 6 On Your Side is headed for the skies, literally.

We have a team of pilots who went the extra mile to earn their wings.

They started out flying toy quadcopters and found the toys are very similar to the real thing.

That is important, because drones are expensive and come with a lot of responsibility.

"One of the things that's surprising to me is the F.A.A. doesn't require people to demonstrate any proficiency flying a drone to get their license," says Alejandro Gomez, a drone instructor with Leptron in Denver, Colorado.

That is why On Your Side wanted a class that did both.

So while half of each day was spent taking tests and studying, the other half took our team to a ranch to fly.

We all learned the checklists and how to launch a professional drone for a variety of tasks, including search and rescue and performing detailed land surveys -- not to mention getting that different perspective so important to news.

But pictures are not nearly as important as safety, which we drilled on each day.

"Basically we take someone with no experience in aviation whatsoever,' beams Gomez, "and get them familiar with airspace and weather and all the F.A.A. questions they ask for the written test, and they're ready by the end of the course for the test."