50,000 rainbow trout released into C.J Strike

Posted at 3:00 PM, Mar 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-17 18:03:49-04

Idaho Power has announced that 50,000 “pan-sized” rainbow trout are in the process of being released into C.J. Strike Reservoir.

The trout were initially released between C.J. Strike’s Cottonwood and Jack’s Creek accesses starting on March 16th. The release should be done by Friday, March 18th.

“These fish will provide a lot of opportunities for anglers this spring and summer,” said Idaho Power Biologist Ben Reingold. “Our trout-stocking program is one way Idaho Power balances its operations with environmental stewardship.”

The fish are raised at a hatchery in the Hagerman Valley and will be about 10 inches long when released. If the fish are not initially caught, they will continue to grow.

Some of the trout have been previously tagged with metal jaw tags and any angler that captures one can call 1-800-388-6011 to see if there is a reward value.

Anglers who report tagged fish through the toll-free number are entered into a drawing for $1,000.