40,000 lb. food donation to Boise Rescue Mission will feed thousands this holiday season

New goal more than doubles last year's bounty
Posted at 4:46 PM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-18 14:42:28-05

More than 40,000 lbs of food has been donated to the Boise Rescue Mission, marking a successful 9th year in a row for Dawn Adams' and Farmers Insurance's volunteer fundraising effort. The food will be served at the holiday banquets for Thanksgiving and Christmas in Boise and Nampa. It will also be used to fill 3,600 food boxes to provide to hungry families.

Adams attributes part of the success to her goal setting.

Adams said last year she set a goal of 15,000 lbs of food and met it.  This year she said she initially wanted to stretch to 50,000 lbs, but felt 40,000 lbs would be more reasonable. 

A last-minute donation of 900 pounds of food helped put the food drive past the goal this morning. "I feel very relieved," said Dawn Adams of Farmers Insurance.  I'm one of those people who sets a goal, and I don't want to not hit that goal. And as of yesterday we hadn't hit it yet."

Servpro of Boise donated 10,000 pounds of food, the most of the 20 companies who participated in the food drive.