4 Beers Perfect to Pair with Your Holiday Meal

Posted at 4:05 PM, Nov 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-30 18:05:33-05

Before you even start thinking about your next holiday meal, we’re here to help simplify it, starting with what you should be drinking with it. Wines don’t pair well with multiple foods on the table, so forget it and go with beer. The List’s Donna Ruko has more on What's Trending.

Traditional Turkey

Amber ale or a lager like Oktoberfest, brown ale, or a strong golden ale like tripel.

Smoked Turkey

A hoppy brown ale, Scotch ale, or a porter


Weizen, wiezenbock, dubbel, or a dark lager


Kölsch. It will refresh your pallet and not overwhelm any of the spices that might be in your stuffing.


Gose. It’s a little more acidic which will temper the sweetness.

Whatever you do, don’t go with a hoppy IPA (and other bitter beers). They’re out of sync with the earthy flavors of a holiday feast.