34 million Americans traveling for Memorial Day

Posted at 10:08 PM, May 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-29 00:08:02-04
Experts said this could be the second busiest Memorial Day holiday travel period on record, with some 34 million Americans hitting the highways.
Here in Idaho, some 200,000 people are expecting to travel fifty miles or more from their homes.
Right now, AAA said we're paying the lowest memorial day gas prices since 2009.
"We expect, if everything holds true, a 3.7 percent increase in driver demand this year. That will outpace last year's record numbers and it means that people are willing to travel, and this is the time to do it," said AAA Idaho spokesman Dave Carlson.
A recent AAA survey said 55 percent of Americans plan to take a summer travel vacation this year if gas prices hold steady.
"So, as we talk about Memorial Day, this will kick off what we think will be a fairly busy summer travel season. We don't think gasoline prices are going to rise appreciably higher than they are now. We certainly don't envision anything like three-dollars-a-gallon gasoline," explained Carlson.
Gas prices are a lot lower this year than they were last year or even the year before that.
"We were paying forty cents more, so about 2.84 was the average price a year ago. A year ago, prices were, by comparison, were also much lower than the prior year. So we've had two years of pretty good low prices. People are pretty used to that," said Carlson.
With an estimated 200,000 Idahoans taking advantage of the low gas prices, traveling 50 miles or more this weekend alone, AAA wants to remind folks to drive safe.