Two homes damaged in three-alarm fire

3-alarm fire reported in west Boise
3-alarm fire reported in west Boise
3-alarm fire reported in west Boise
Posted at 2:36 PM, Jun 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-02 00:48:17-04
2 homes have been damaged in a 3 alarm structure fire. It happened just after 2 o'clock on Coolwater Avenue in Boise.
"I heard a big explosion and my husband doesn't hear very well so I thought it was the TV at first," Said Jolene Madison who's home was damaged in the fire. 
The Fire battalion chief tells us the fire broke out in a back shed at one home before quickly spreading to the one next-door. It took firefighters close to half an hour to get the blaze under control. Multiple agencies respond to the scene quickly
"It was what we call a working fire, crews were assigned accordingly," explained Division Chief of Special Operations for the Boise Fire department Paul Roberts
Officials tell us that no one was seriously injured in the fire. Both pets and humans alike. made it out safe. 
"Everybody was very courteous very cautious of keeping us safe so I owe a lot to the fire department," said  Madison
Battling the blaze in 90° heat, firefighters say they have to not only worry about flames, but the searing heat of the weather when they're on the job.
Paul Roberts / Divison chief  of special operations for the Boise Fire department
"We've had drastically increased temperatures over the last day or two so this is a pretty rapid temperature change for us so we are monitoring our people as we always do for heat-related illnesses or injuries," explained Roberts.
Fire department officials say the fire appears to be accidental, the cause is undetermined at this time.