2TroubleBoys addresses unique need

Posted at 6:48 AM, Feb 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-25 08:48:49-05

Giving little boys a chance to express themselves through fashion, while at the same time giving moms more options--that's the goal of 2TroubleBoys, a local business right here in Idaho.

Talia Chase started the business, which centers around cute clothing for little boys, back in 2016 in order to fill a need she saw in her own life. After she had her sons, she was struggling for birthday outfits.

"Little girls you'd see, especially for first birthday outfits you'd see sequined shorts or tutus or dresses and all these cute things but for boys really your only option was a t-shirt," Chase remembered.

Her boys are at the root of her business, even the name.

"When my littlest was born, my three-year-old was like 'Mom he's a trouble trouble boy,'" Chase laughed.

So, 2TroubleBoys was born. The clothes are designed to be fashion-forward--but durable.

"Something that's wearable that they're going to stay in that's fun for them but it's fun for the parents too," Chase explained.

It had humble beginnings but quickly took off.

"I had very small goals to begin with, be able to pay for groceries or help with bills here and there," Chase said. "(But) we've steadily grown every year, doubling business every year for the past four years."

This Idaho business is unique in that it doesn't have a storefront. It's all online and it will likely stay that way.

"I'll never say never, but for now, for the foreseeable future we're pretty comfortable with our online presence," Chase said.

Each order is packed and filled at their Nampa facility and then shipped to its new home. It's a process that hasn't needed to change much amid the pandemic, but the business has been booming.

"There have been more online orders in this past year than there has ever been before," Chase said.