2016 Community Baby Shower is slated for June 22

Posted at 6:27 PM, Jun 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-12 20:52:42-04

It was a royal occasion at Boise's Municipal Park Sunday as the Daughters of the British Empire celebrated Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday, while at the same time aiming to give back to the community.

More than 60 people attended the picnic designed for those from or with a connection to Britain.

To top it all off, the event brought in tons of gifts for Six On Your Side's 2016 Community Baby Shower.

"We started out when Prince George was born," said Carol Hoidal with the Daughters of British Empire group. "We did it the next year for Princess Charlotte and this year we just enjoy it so much and we get a lot of homemade gifts we have some knitted sweaters and things that people make"

This will be our 10th Annual Community Baby Shower thanks to Six On Your Side's partners: Albertsons and the Blue Cross of Idaho.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, June 22. That's the day to drop off donations in the form of new baby supplies at any Treasure Valley Albertsons location.

There are a number of area programs that benefit from Six On Your Side's Community Baby Shower.

In fact, one such program in Caldwell provides local moms with a social outlet, while at the same time passing on lifelong skills.

Anyone who has raised a child knows how diapers become a big part of your budget in a hurry. They're essential and just when your child reaches the potty training age, the special "pull up" type of diapers get even more expensive.

"Diapers are the first thing they shop for and then if they have anything left over then they can shop for other items," said Lt. Kristy Church, Salvation Army Corps Officer.

The Salvation Army in Caldwell houses a Baby Haven Program for moms with little tikes.

It's an incentive based, educational program where mothers, among other things, earn points. They earn points for attending the two monthly classes throughout the two year-long program.

Outside of the classroom, they earn points for things like taking their child to the dentist, doctor or library.

It gets good feedback from mothers who are already Salvation Army supporters.

"I actually used to do some volunteer work back in Minnesota with the Salvation Army and I fell in love with them," said Fardus Osman, a Baby Haven class attendee.

Once the points add up, they get to redeem them for things like diapers, clothing and other necessary supplies.

Your donations will go directly toward programs like this.

"Without the Community Baby Shower, we don't know if we can be sustainable to the level that we're at right now," Church said.

At the class Six On Your Side attended, parents learned about the importance of budgeting.

It's a lesson they were also encouraged to pass on to their children.

"I plan on continuing with it," Osman said. "The program is so good. It's such a rich program."

There is an application process you have to go through in order to be a part of the Baby Haven Program.

For more information, stop by or give the Salvation Army in Caldwell a call by dialing 208-459-2011.