110 Treasure Valley schools lucky at Scratch for Schools Fundraiser

Posted at 10:26 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-26 06:17:17-04
Schools from the Treasure Valley took part in the 15th annual Scratch for Schools Fundraiser. They all won big using lotto tickets but it wasn't much of a gamble.
Each school was given an entire pack of scratch tickets and given just 5 minutes to scratch off as many as they could. The fastest scratching schools went on to a second round to do it all again.
While the lottery is a game of chance, today every school was lucky. They all took home the prize money won from their scratch tickets to help with their schools,
“Probably books for kids for the library or school supplies for kids who don't have money at home to afford school supplies,” said Jesse Randolph a teacher at Pierce Park Elementary.
“This program was created to specifically help individual schools and to showcase the fact that we do benefit schools in the state of Idaho,” said Dave Workman a spokesman for the Idaho Lottery.
Officials say Juniper Hills took 1st place by scratching 231 tickets, winning $511.
In total, a combined $21,255 was won by schools.
Idaho Lottery officials say since their inception in 1989 they have distributed $744 million in lottery dividends to Idaho Public Schools.