100 Idaho highways deaths reported during "Deadliest Days" of summer

Posted: 1:16 PM, Sep 10, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-10 19:16:39Z

One-hundred fatal accidents occurred on Idaho's roadways between Memorial Day and Labor Day, according to the Idaho Transportation Department

ITD spokeswoman Megan Stark tells the Post Register that 100 traffic-related deaths were reported during the so-called "100 Deadliest Days."

Last year, ninety fatal accidents were recorded during the same time period.

Idaho State Police Lt. Chris Weadick says people tend to drive faster during summer hours. Distracted and impaired driving are also factors to the spike in deaths.

Weadlick says, despite winter's harsher weather conditions, fewer fatalities are reported during the colder months.

(by Associated Press)