Nampa State of the City Address highlights education, technology, transportation, and growth

Posted at 9:49 PM, Mar 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-20 23:55:27-04

NAMPA — One of the biggest cities in the Gem State laid out their accomplishments, goals, and opportunities for their community.

At the Nampa State of the City, the theme was moving forward and there was a huge emphasis on education, safety, healthcare, and infrastructure.

New technology the city will use in the future was highlighted.

"The house was just a few houses away, ended up responding to the scene in flip flops and a sweatshirt," said Kirk Carpenter, Interim Chief, Nampa Fire Department.

Pulsepoint is an app which allows CPR certified citizens to be notified when help is needed nearby. The app has already been live in Ada County, but now Canyon County is working to implement it.

Kirk Carpenter, Interim Chief of Nampa Fire Department says he was in Boise off duty when Pulsepoint alerted him someone nearby was in cardiac arrest.

"I was there probably three to five minutes before first responders showed up so a great example of the app actually working towards helping save lives," said Carlton.

Another topic was how Nampa will handle the rapid growth. Mayor Debbie Kling says one one of the biggest challenges is transportation infrastructure.

"With this tremendous growth, it's the funding, how do we get the expansions done on our streets whether it be round-abouts and new traffic signals, it's all expensive," said City of Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling.

Mayor Kling says it's anticipated the Treasure Valley will almost double in population by the year 2040.

"Working with business partners and the City of Nampa and the district, we really got to have good plans moving forward getting ready for more stations and more employees," said Carlton.

With growing pains, community members hold on to their small town roots.

"Everybody's friendly, talking to you. They care about what we're doing and we care about them," said Carlton.