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Kuna city council denies annexation of 12 acre subdivision

Posted at 10:05 PM, Apr 18, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-19 00:10:33-04

KUNA, Idaho — At Kuna city council denied annexation of a 12.5 acre subdivision near Ten Mile Rd. Idaho News 6 spoke to neighbors, who say they are happy with the decision, because want to see slower growth in Kuna.

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(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

“I’ll second it,” said council member Chris Bruce.

Council members at Tuesday evening's meeting, unanimously voted to not annex Bristle Creek subdivision into the city.

"The project [Bristle Creek] before you does meet comprehensive plans and goals," said Katie Miller Bailey Engineering.

Multiple Kuna and Ada County residents testifying in opposition to the annexation, citing traffic and full schools among other concerns.

"I'm not the only one feeling the traffic pain," said Ada County resident Beverly Wolf.

“I just want to share that this district, the school district that we are in, is full," said Danielle Horras, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Kuna School District.

“Our schools are at capacity, we are feeling it. My kids go to those schools, they feel it,” Robby Miller, a Kuna resident.

The almost 12 and a half acres of agricultural land is designated to be ‘mixed-use’ space under the city’s Future Land Use Map.

“Any more development on Ten Mile Rd, I’m opposed to. It takes me 15 minutes from when I get off the freeway to get to maybe Columbia, which is ridiculous,” said Cindy Giesen, a Kuna resident.

“So what we’re advocating for is slower growth, more reasonable growth. Let us catch our breath, because there are so many [subdivisions] that have already been approved,” said Michael Rooco, a Kuna resident.

Cindy Giesen and Michael Rooco tell me they often attend council meetings in an effort to stay up to date and slow growth in Kuna.

So what would approval of annexation mean?

“Annexation into the city is when you’re taking something from the unincorporated county and you’re bringing it into the city to bring in city services that can include sewage water parks," said Council Member Matt Biggs.

While a denial of an annexation isn’t out of the ordinary, this motion affirmed some Kuna residents that their council members are listening to them.

“I just wish more people would show up because when they do, the majority of the city council really wants to hear what they have to say. Because maybe the traffic thing would have never come up if one of us didn’t come up and start asking questions.” Geisen

“The city council loves feedback from our constituents, and we love to have people come out and testify either for against our neutral for any project. It really helps us and sometimes drives our decisions,” said Biggs.

Council Member Matt Biggs says the developers who are denied, can apply for reconsideration, “They’d have to go back and submit the package again if they didn’t put in for reconsideration, they would have to send the package back and go through the planning process."