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Childcare options when school calls a Snow Day

Posted at 5:04 PM, Jan 12, 2024

KUNA, Idaho — Many parents opt to stay home with their kids when school calls a snow day, but what about families who don't have that flexibility? That's where extended after-school programs, like the Boys & Girls Club come in.

  • Kuna School District alerted parents of a Virtual Instruction Day for Friday.
  • Kuna's Boys & Girls Club is at enrollment capacity until they move into their new facility in the coming weeks

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Many students in Idaho experienced a Snow Day this week. While a day off from school sounds like a dream for kids, it can be stressful for some parents who still need to work and can’t take the day off with their kids. I’m your Kuna Neighborhood Reporter Allie Triepke and I spoke with the Boys & Girls Club on how they handle a snow day.

The Kuna School District made the decision Thursday evening, to hold class on Friday virtually. Prompting parents to re-work their routine, with many ending up at the Kuna Boys & Girls Club for a Snow Day.

“Is it difficult to kind of, impromptu, figure out what to do with the kids? yeah," said Velasquez.

Of the 8 Ada County Boys & Girls Clubs, Kuna was the only facility to open with special snow hours on Friday.

“I think that the response for us being open is probably generally positive because they're thankful to be able to still go to work and still have a safe and healthy place for their kids,” said Velasquez.

Kuna Program Director Christine Velasquez has two kids herself and understands parents' frustration when it comes to figuring out child care, on a snow day.


“It was slightly different than a snow day in respect to the fact that snow days are typically just a day off and with the virtual learning day there is an expectation that kiddos, if they did have things to get caught up on, they would use the time to do so,” said Velasquez.

I took to a Kuna Facebook page Thursday evening to see what working parents will do when snow days hit, and many responded that they will call into work or they already work from home.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 5.24.18 PM.png

For families who don’t have that flexibility, private child care, daycares, enrolling kids in music or dance classes, and extended after-school opportunities like the Boys & Girls Club are all options.

“For those parents who are a little bit extra stressed out because they're trying to juggle two parents with jobs and kids, and no school and virtual learning, etc. Just remind them to have grace that we are doing the best we can to accommodate everyone while keeping everyone as safe as possible,” said Velasquez.

Kuna Boys & Girls Club says they are at capacity with enrollment until they get their new facility in the coming weeks.

Reporting from the Boys & Girls Club, I'm your Kuna Neighborhood Reporter Allie Triepke, Idaho News 6.