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'You need it to make your body work': Idaho family helps Red Cross overcome blood shortage

Posted at 4:50 PM, Mar 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-01 19:11:32-05

MAGIC VALLEY — For one Idaho family, the importance of blood donations became clear after their five-year-old son, Jack Moser, was hit by a trailer while out camping.

One mistake nearly cost Jack his life.

“Jack’s just new to being on a bike and he turned and tipped over and he fell under the wheels of the trailer. It was one of those situations where it was nobody's fault. Nobody was acting recklessly or doing anything they weren’t supposed to. It was just an accident," Jordan Peterson, Jack's Uncle, said.

Jack was losing a lot of blood and in order to save his life, he was flown to a Salt Lake City hospital where he received 11 units of blood.

“To put that into perspective, that’s more blood than I have and I’m 6’1 250 pounds. I mean that’s enough blood to go into a five-year-old, he was tiny. I think that gives you an idea of how much blood he was losing and how important this blood is," Peterson said.

After realizing how vital the blood was to save Jack's life, the family decided to do their part and help set up blood drives to encourage people to donate blood.

“I’m a paramedic, I understand that blood is important. You need it to make your bodywork. When you don’t have that and when you have a family member that needs it, then you realize how important it is," Peterson said.

The severe weather happening across the country has caused a blood shortage nationwide after the Red Cross has been forced to cancel more than 10,000 blood and platelet donations in certain states. They are encouraging Idahoans to donate if they can, to help people nationwide.

“Blood donations are critically important. It’s not something you can manufacture. In many regards it's kind of similar to an organ donation, it's something so many people count on," Matt Ochsner, Reginal Communications Director of The Red Cross, said.

Jack's family created Help Jack Giveback, a Facebook page, and a way for the family to give back to the community after they received support following Jack's accident. They say their plan moving forward, is to host an annual blood drive.

“Where he went from needing 11 units of blood to now where he's running around being a kid today, shows that’s such an important part of the process. That’s why we want to help make sure that whoever else goes through this process doesn’t have to wonder if they are going to have enough blood," Peterson said.

To learn more about Help Jack Give back you can visit their Facebook page. You can also visit the Red Cross's website to check on blood drives happening near you.