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Twin Falls School District celebrates its graduating seniors

Posted at 5:46 PM, May 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-19 19:50:02-04

TWIN FALLS — With traditional graduation ceremonies put on hold for the time being, The Twin Falls School District decided to celebrate its seniors with a graduation parade. Twin Falls high school held its graduation parade Monday night while Canyon ridge high school celebrated theirs on Tuesday.

Although most seniors did not expect their graduation to be celebrated this way, one senior at Canyon Ridge High School says he's using this as a learning lesson.

"We're all going to have to grow up someday. We had to grow up a little faster because we missed things like our senior trip and prom and stuff like that and just those last couple things. It was a hard situation, but it's okay now," Weston Casdorph, High School Senior at Canyon Ridge High school, said.

The parades were held on the original graduation date, but because of the current pandemic, the schools were not able to have a traditional ceremony. The schools are planning to have a traditional ceremony at the end of June, but Casdorph says some of his classmates won't attend because some of them will be moving away.

"We're all still a family, and we're all still the class of 2020, and we're all still one as far as being able to try and be together and everyone just having the best time that they can," Casdorph said.

Not only was this year's graduation unique because of the way it was celebrated but also because this year, some of the students were able to help put the ceremony together.

"The junior student council has wanted to do this as almost a gift to the seniors, and they've worked so hard to make it happen. Just so many people being involved has made it an exceptional experience," Dr. L.T. Erickson, director of secondary programs for Twin falls School District, said.