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Twin Falls Public Library Pride display will remain in place after some public pushback

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Posted at 6:21 PM, Jun 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-24 20:22:26-04

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — The Twin Falls Public Library board of trustees heard public comment regarding an inclusive LGBTQ display for more than an hour on Wednesday.

After listening to public comments, the board voted 4-1 in favor of leaving the displays up throughout the rest of June.

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It was a change in pace to the board’s regular meetings. There was standing room only, and the majority of people in attendance were there to discuss an LGBTQ Pride Month display that included LGBTQ-themed books and items. It also included another display of LGBTQ items placed at the entrance of the children’s services section.

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Library patrons requested these displays be moved or removed. When the library director chose to keep them where they are, the patrons appealed, now forcing the library board of trustees to decide what to do with them.

During the public comment period of the meeting there some who got up and gave religious viewpoints.


“You are violating nature and nature’s god to put this in front of our children,” said meeting attendee Paul Thompson.

Others opted to share some legal lectures.

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“The rights of the people that have been stated today are protected and we need to view them as such,” said meeting attendee and Founder of Twin Falls Hilverda McRae Attorneys at Law.

The majority of people in attendance were in favor of keeping the display up, and several members of the LGBTQ community gave personal testimonies.

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“There is a harmful and untrue rhetoric that gay people are unsafe for children,” said meeting attendee Katie Klahman. “Because we are pedophiles or immoral people. I combat this stereotype every day as a lesbian teacher.”

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“I want to thank the library for showing support to everyone including our youth. Said meeting attendee and Co-Founder of the Queer Cupboard Tiffany Fountain. “Ben Franklin would be proud.”