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Twin Falls base jumper missing after swimming in Snake River

Posted at 6:41 PM, Jun 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-22 20:41:18-04

TWIN FALLS — After completing a jump, Austin Carey, a frequent BASE jumper in Twin Falls, went missing after attempting to swim across the Snake River last Thursday.

After hearing about the circumstances, Austin's family flew out from California to Twin Falls to help in the search efforts.

"We feel family must be here for each other, and we didn't want her to be here alone. Austin is extremely close to our family, and not being here wasn't an option. It wasn't even a question. It was only a question of how soon we can get here," Tammy Davis, Austin's cousin, said.

Austin and a friend planned to swim across the Snake River after completing the jump, but by the time they landed, the river's water levels had risen. Austin's friend was able to swim across and get to the other side, but by the time he turned around, Austin was out of sight.

"Austin flagged down a couple of kayakers there were two tandem kayakers each with two people in them, so those four people in those two kayaks were the last persons to talk to Austin," Davis said.

Search and Rescue was called the evening Austin went missing and searched the area for approximately two hours. They continued their search the following day for around three hours before calling the search off altogether.

Thier main initiative at the beginning of their efforts was to have the water levels lowered to continue the search for Austin. This afternoon the Bureau of Reclamation agreed to reduce the water levels, and the Jerome County sheriff's office, along with the Twin Falls County sheriff's office, searched the area once again. Tammy says their main goal now is to contact the kayakers, who last spoke with Austin.

They say the base jumping community has helped them out throughout this whole process.

"We care for our friends, and we have to have an understanding of the family because honestly, it affects them the most," Cavin Macbeth, Base jumper and one of Austin's friend, said.