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Twin Falls artists create coronavirus song to help community stay positive

Posted at 5:41 PM, May 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-11 19:41:59-04

TWIN FALLS — For artists, the stay at home order has dramatically affected their work and left some without an income. Still, some local Twin Falls artists decided to use this time to create a coronavirus song to help the community get through the stay at home order.

"Given that we are all quarantined, I was trying to think of a creative way to stay connected to my talented friends. And so I came up with this idea to write a song together from a distance," Chris Ayers, a local Twin Falls artist, said.

Chris uploaded a video of him composing the song, starting with the beat of the song and leaving the rest for others to chime in.

"I recorded the guitar track which laid the fundamentals of the song down, and I was a little under the weather, so I didn't want to sing or do any of that. And so I posted that and friends just started calling dibs and so once I recorded the first track, I would send it to the next person who called dibs first," Ayers said.

The song eventually ended up in the hands of Cortney Potter, a local Twin Falls artist, who starred alongside Ayers in the Shrek The Musical at the Orpheum Theater in Twin Falls.

"Chris reached out on Facebook and was like, 'hey to any of my friends who want to be a part of this'. That's kind of what turned my whole way of thinking around. Like you know what, this COVID-19 thing does suck, and it's affecting my business personally and a lot of people around me, so you know what there's no point in me being upset about it. What can I do to fix what's going on even for just one person," Cortney Potter, a local Twin Falls artist, said.

The stay at home order has impacted Cortney's clothing business. She also started to make masks to help the community. She says the song has given her a sense of hope during this time.

"I would say that the song is how we have to be patient and when we can all come together because the day will come when we can all come together and perform the song. We would love to perform it live once we can all get together in the same room and not be in trouble," Potter said.