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The College of Southern Idaho holds annual Canyon Rim Trail clean up for Earth Day

Posted at 1:01 PM, Apr 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-22 19:49:22-04

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — In celebration of Earth Day, the College of Southern Idaho is holding their annual Canyon Rim Trail clean up.

Students and staff from CSI and community volunteers are picking up trash bags, and rappelling into the canyon for their Earth Day celebration.

This Earth Day marks year two of CSI’s clean up. The college’s Outdoor Recreation Leadership Program takes cleaning to a new level by descending into the canyon to remove trash and shopping carts.

"It’s so fun having lots of folks really willing to come out and help clean up at least once a year. Everybody really values the canyon and our ability to recreate, so it’s nice to continue to make it look good and get trash out of there," said Mike Young, Outdoor Recreation Leadership Program Manager at CSI.

The Earth Day clean up is made possible through community partnerships; CSI, the City of Twin Falls, St. Lukes and Cliff Bar team up to clean up.

"The earth deserves to be cleaned up, it deserves to be taken care of every day but if we have a designated Earth Day then it’s good to connect everybody to clean up the trail. This is one of the most popular trails here in Twin Falls," said Isai Mendoza, a student leader with CSI.

CSI looks forward to holding the Canyon Rim clean up again, next year.

"When the community is involved you take more pride in how everything looks. Teach your children how to pick up their trash behind them, and even adults too... This has been a great project and I’m really glad that CSI really spearheaded this," said Mary Bird, Food and Nutrition Department manager at St. Lukes.