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More people are turning to yoga to relieve stress during stay at home order

Posted at 11:56 PM, Apr 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-19 02:06:50-04

MAGIC VALLEY — The stay at home order has been affecting people in many different ways and some people are trying to find different ways to relieve stress and maintain a positive state of mind, some are turning to yoga.

“Oh it can be super positive. Anytime you think about your breath, you’re automatically making it longer and making the breath longer calms the heart, slows the heart beat down, calms the mind, so anytime you can do that all day long, you don’t have to be on a yoga mat. It will calm you and make you feel better,” Amy Taft, Twin Falls yoga instructor, said.

Amy has had to switch up the way she teaches yoga and now offers free online classes on a weekly basis. She teaches a variety of classes and says it's a matter of finding the right yoga class for you.

“But don’t just try once and think okay yoga is not or me, look around and try to find the right class or the right teacher that you can relate to," Taft said.

More people than usual have been joining in on her classes and Amy believes that is due to being able to take the classes from the comfort of your home.

“some of those people are actually doing things online because it’s not scary, you’re at home and you can try it," Taft said.

Amy says just being able to think about your breathing is all you have to do to help calm your mind.

“Yoga is so great because if you sit there and breathe, you’re still doing yoga and then you got that relaxed feeling when you’re done," Taft said.