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Missoula Children's Theater provides Magic Valley kids access to performing arts

Children performing Rumpelstiltskin musical
Posted at 5:44 PM, Feb 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-05 17:47:08-05

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — For the 23rd year, the Magic Valley Arts Council presented the Missoula Children’s Theater in the production of Rumpelstiltskin.

The Missoula Children’s Theater is dedicated to providing children in 50 states, 16 countries and five Canadian provinces access to the arts.

Joshua Wood, Nikki Stone and Hailey Beaty worked as the tour directors and actors for the Twin Falls performance.

“Our mission is to teach life skills through participation in performing arts,” Wood said. “The kids learn so much, they gain in confidence and socialization.”

For some children, this may be their only opportunity to get involved with theater.

“Theater to me is truly magical. It's an event that takes place that transcends time and place,” Stone said.

After auditions, the young actors had five days to learn lines, songs and dance moves. During rehearsals, children took ownership of their character and added part of their own identity into the role.

“I find myself almost being directed by the kids sometimes, because they say ‘I think it would be really funny if my character did this,’ and I say absolutely, let’s do this,” Beaty said.

The young actors were eager to showcase their performance skills in the full length musical of Rumpelstiltskin.

“We’ve encouraged them and they get to put on a play in front of their family and friends and just feel the pride and sense of hard work that they've put in paying off,” Wood said.