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Shoshone community gathers to discuss priorities for the future of local law enforcement

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Posted at 3:20 PM, Aug 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 08:06:34-04

SHOSHONE, Idaho — Shoshone residents created a list of priorities and expectations for local law enforcement, five months after the city eliminated its police department.

The meeting was held at the Lincoln County Community Center August 9th. Community members engaged in a group exercise, where they ranked what issues in Shoshone should have the highest priority for the sheriff's office.

Some of the issues brought up were community safety, a visible and positive community relationship, and youth outreach.

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Shoshone City Council member, Jodi Waite, said the goal was to hear from residents and get a better idea of what people expect.

"I was very impressed," said Waite. "A lot of people showed up and that makes it a lot nicer for me as a city councilperson to hear from the people."

In February, the City of Shoshone decided to eliminate its police department and lay off its officers due to not being able to keep shifts fully covered. In the meantime, the city has contracted with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office for policing.

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“You know it’s what we are already doing out there," said Lincoln County Sheriff Rene King. "It is nothing new, we are out there doing our jobs.”

One attendee asked whether or not the city has the budget to bring back the city police, and they did not receive an answer.

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"Not tonight," said Waite. "We do have a budget and that is a consideration, we can discuss this on a future, I would hope that people would come to our city council meetings because I do continually want to hear from the public."

The list of law enforcement priorities made by the public will now be given over to the Shoshone City Council and sheriff's office.