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Magic Valley residents receive COVID-19 vaccine a year after first case was announced

Posted at 6:17 PM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 20:44:46-05

MAGIC VALLEY — For Maria Teresa Lopez, a Magic Valey resident, being able to get the COVID-19 vaccine means being able to protect herself against a virus that claimed the life of her sister just five days ago and has directly affected some of her children.

“That’s why we’re here at the first opportunity we had to be able to get the vaccine and why we came here and got the shot, something we are grateful for," Eusebio Lopez Ramirez, Maria's husband said.

Throughout the pandemic, the Hispanic and Latino population has been disproportionately affected and Maria and her husband credit that to the lack of information available in Spanish.

“A lot of people are in our same position, we want to inform ourselves but we can’t. If there was more information spread in Spanish I think more Latinos would be willing to protect ourselves," Maria said.

During a visit to Twin Falls, Gov. Brad Little said the state is working with local Spanish radio stations to get COVID-19 information out to the Hispanic and Latino community and prevent vaccine hesitancy moving forward.

“But we’re going to do more to get remote delivery, but we recognize that issue and we’re doing all we can. I know that in the valley here that the catholic churches are serving as a venue for vaccine delivery, that’s a place where people are used to, they're comfortable and any good options out there we’ll explore," Little said.

Maria and her husband say at one point during the pandemic they did not leave their house for five months to try and protect themselves from the virus. Being able to be vaccinated, they say will provide them with ease of mind.

“We will now have fewer risks, in other words, the risks will be weakened," Eusebio said.

“And ease of mine for our children, knowing that we got the vaccine and our children will too and all of our family so we could all be at less of a risk," Maria said.