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Local Twin Falls church creates COVID-19 relief to help community

Posted at 5:20 PM, Apr 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-28 19:20:18-04

TWIN FALLS — While many people have been hit hard financially by COVID-19, one local church here in Twin Falls says the pandemic has only changed the way they do Sunday worship; this is why The First United Methodist Church in Twin Falls is doing what they can to continue to support the community.

“In so many ways we have been lucky in this time and that’s why we’re trying to help other people who have lost their jobs, who are facing medical bills," Buddy Gharring, a pastor at the Twin Falls First United Methodist Church, said.

The church just recently started a COVID-19 relief that is aimed to help local businesses and people who are suffering financially. Business who are able to help can donate to their matching fund and for individuals who donate, the church will match their donations.

“So looking at the shut down orders coming and seeing this pandemic, we were curious about who would be impacted the most strongly and where the biggest need would be," Gharring said.

Employers or managers are also able to work with the church to offer grocery store gift cards to employees who are experiencing a significant loss in income.

“But we’re going to keep going and keep moving until we can see our way through to the other side of this. Trying to be a stop gap for people as they are trying to make up for income they have already loss or as they are waiting for unemployment to come through," Gharring said.

As of last Friday, the church has been able to help seven businesses give gift cards to 94 employees. They have also distributed $4,700 in grocery store gift cards for those employees who have either lost their job or seen a decrease in hours.

“We are by no means done yet there is more money in the matching fund right now. There’s plenty of room for people to jump on board and help out by both increasing those matching dollars or just donating for grocery gift cards," Gharring said.

If you would like to donate to the church's COVID Care visit their website.