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Chobani, Idaho Community Foundation announces Magic Valley grant recipients

Posted at 10:40 AM, Oct 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-05 17:17:05-05

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Chobani, along with their partners at the Idaho Community Foundation, have announced they'll be supporting four Magic Valley community organizations through a $200,000 dollar grant.

The grant is part of their Community Impact Fund. The idea is to create more opportunities for economic development and entrepreneurship for local families.

This year, the four recipients are:

The Idaho Educational Services for the Deaf and the Blind will be receiving $55,000 from the fund. Representatives say they plan to establish a participant-run food & beverage truck that will be part of a comprehensive career-preparation program. The idea is to expand employment and economic opportunity through teaching essential skills and through providing hands-on training.

Jannus Inc will receive $75,000 from the grant. The program helps underserved and vulnerable people with their financial health. The Community Impact Fund has supported Jannus in the past, but this additional grant will help fund staff for their new Twin Falls office.

Latinos In Action will receive $45,000. The grant will help fund their program expansion, which will help support culturally responsive social and emotional learning, college and career readiness, and leadership development with a goal of meeting the needs of Idaho’s rural communities to benefit their underserved Latino youth. The organization plans to focus the expansion on a virtual environment--and will focus on social and emotional learning, virtual tutoring options, and family services.

RIVDA will receive $25,000. They're planning to partner with the Magic Valley Food Innovation Center Committee to conduct a feasibility study to determine if a food innovation center and business incubator will thrive in South-Central Idaho. The grant will help fund the study--all with the goal of developing the center. The center's goal would be to strengthen the regional economy, enhance educational opportunities, support local businesses, and encourage emerging entrepreneurs.

Chobani’s Community Impact Fund debuted in 2018 with a $100,000 annual commitment to the region. Last year, the grant total was doubled to $200,000.