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Local artist closing store during heart disease battle

Posted at 6:28 PM, Jul 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-30 09:16:57-04

MAGIC VALLEY — Chrissy Canner's dream came true back in 2019 after having the opportunity to open up her own art store: Garden of Artists.

“I remember the first time opening the store, and it was just filling it up and there was just so much ahead of us I didn’t know," Canner said.

After her husband passed away from a heart attack, Canner began selling her art online as a way to support herself. She opened her store after being unsatisfied with the online process.

“It was really hard for me. Online selling art is really hard to do so I got blessed with the opportunity to open the store," Canner said.

Canner's goal with Garden of Artists was not only to be able to help other local artists but also to show the importance of art in the community.

Artists were able to pay $20 and 20% commission to be able to showcase their work. At one point, as many as 30 artists were showcasing their work in her store.

Canner said some of her favorite memories are watching the artist collaborate and grow.

“I hope the community supports, not just art, but music and the dramas. Go attend theatres, go to the local shops. Support local artists because that’s our economy,” Canner said.

The difficult decision to close her art store came after her doctor informed her the heart disease she's battling is not getting any better.

Canner's goal now is to focus on her health and family.

“You know, life is a journey and when one door closes, something else begins, and that’s how I’m looking at it," Canner said.

The Garden of Artists will be open to the public Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. before closing its doors for the final time. You can visit them at 120 Ramage Street in Twin Falls.