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A new touring company showcases the Magic Valley

Twin Falls Tours
Posted at 4:43 PM, Apr 01, 2022

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — The Magic Valley is a unique place with numerous sights and historic landmarks, which is why Twin Falls Tours is prepared to share those views with local residents and visitors.

For years, Brad Pierce dreamed of starting a tourism business in the region he was born and raised in. After finding the perfect bus, Pierce was ready to hit the road and share his knowledge of the Magic Valley.

“We needed a tour company to give back to the locals, to people that are visiting and people that are passing through to check out the area and appreciate it better,” Pierce said. “No matter where they are from, when they hear the word ‘Idaho’ or ‘Twin Falls’ they always think, ‘wow there are some amazing things there,’”

Twin Falls Tours offers three different tours, The Twin Falls Tour, Jackpot Trip and seasonal Sun Valley tour. President of the Magic Valley Young Professionals Alan Gil said a service like this is beneficial for the community.

“Twin Falls is growing,” Gil said. “People are wanting to move here and a lot of times people have families that come through to visit and as the time gets warmer, people want to go out and explore.”

To visit the Twin Falls Tour website click here.