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3rd Annual Rock Creek Institute aims to improve watershed

Rock Creek Park
Posted at 4:48 PM, Apr 20, 2022

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — The College of Southern Idaho will host the 3rd Annual Rock Creek Institute to bring together CSI faculty, students, and stakeholders to engage in discussions about the Rock Creek Watershed.

The Rock Creek Watershed has a range of impacts on life in the Magic Valley, influencing outdoor recreation and agriculture.

“This creek that runs from the South Hills all the way to the Snake and I think it’s a place that people can get themselves lost in,” organizer Samara Culum said. “You could recreate there, explore nature there. It’s an opportunity for people to learn more about their own backyard.”

Organizers Shelley McEuen, Culum and Mike Young encourage attendees to talk about issues facing the watershed, then brainstorm solutions and actionable items.

“As our community grows, as we get different people visiting the watershed, using it for different purposes. Different ideas are coming to the table so this is an opportunity to explore what the future of this watershed might be,” McEuen said.

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