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How to add spices to your coffee grounds for a flavorful change

How to add spices to your coffee grounds for a flavorful change
Posted at 5:30 AM, Apr 11, 2023

Coffee is a mainstay in many of our diets. It’s so deeply ingrained in our routines that most people reach for it in the morning without thinking twice. While that routine can be soothing, it can also become a little … boring. Mixing things up with a latte or cappuccino is great, but if you take your coffee black, it can be harder to find ways to be creative. Enter: spiced coffee. 

While spiced coffee may be newer to this side of the world, it’s actually a traditional treat in Morocco and is regularly consumed there casually amongst friends. While the Moroccan version tends to include a pretty hefty list of spices, you can achieve a similar flavor profile with fewer spices, making it easier and less time-consuming to prepare. 


The Honor System breaks down a recipe for those who have less time to spare, resulting in a warm, rich blend that is sure to warm your heart and soul and start your morning off right. The recipe is as simple as adding ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon to your coffee grounds pre-brewing. The flavor profile is similar to that of chai tea, according to the recipe maker, which is why she dubbed it “chai coffee.”

To start the recipe off right, she suggests grinding your coffee beans fresh. To do that you’ll need to make sure you have a coffee grinder on hand. Grinding your beans instead of buying pre-ground beans adds to the intensity of both the aroma and flavor, so try not to skip that step if you can help it.

Next, toss your spices into the coffee grounds and mix well. Lastly, turn on your coffee machine and get to brewing. That’s it! Easy, right? 


You can also use this technique with a French press or whatever fresh brewing method you prefer. If you do feel like getting fancy, you can throw in some black pepper, star anise and cardamom for the authentic Moroccan flavor. 

Let us know if you plan on trying this delicious treat, and what you think about it. Happy sipping!

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