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House Republicans subpoena Biden's son and brother

The subpoenas are part of House Republicans' impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.
House Republicans subpoena Biden's son and brother
Posted at 3:22 PM, Nov 08, 2023

House Republicans issued subpoenas to Hunter and James Biden on Wednesday, marking a long-awaited next step in the impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden.

Rep. James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, approved the subpoenas Wednesday.

"Now, the House Oversight Committee is going to bring in members of the Biden family and their associates to question them on this record of evidence," Comer said in a statement.

The nearly year-long impeachment inquiry has so far yielded no direct evidence that Biden was involved in anything illegal, but Republicans say the findings so far indicate "influence peddling" on the part of the Bidens, particularly when it comes to overseas dealings.

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The subpoenas call for Hunter Biden, president Biden's brother James and former business associate Rob Walker to appear before the House Oversight Committee by mid-December.

Lawmakers also asked for voluntary testimony from James Biden's wife Sara and from Hallie Biden, the wife of the president's deceased son Beau.

The White House, personal lawyers for the Bidens and Democratic lawmakers have all dismissed the impeachment inquiry as politically motivated. 

"These subpoenas and interview requests are yet further proof that this sham impeachment inquiry is driven only by the demands of the vengeful and prevaricating Donald Trump," said Rep. Jamie Raskin, the top Democrat on Oversight Committee.

Progress in Republicans' impeachment inquiry slowed recently as the House wrestled with electing a new speaker. Newly elected Speaker Mike Johnson, of Louisiana, has said in recent interviews that he would support the new subpoenas as the inquiry regains momentum.

"After a long, desperate search for any financial transaction between Jim Biden and his brother, including an unnecessary and intrusive review of Jim’s private banking records, the Committee has resorted to criticizing two loans that Jim received when his brother was no longer in public office and not even a candidate for the Presidency.  Those same bank documents clearly show that Jim repaid both loans within weeks," said a lawyer for James Biden in a statement Wednesday.

"There is nothing more to those transactions, and there is nothing wrong with them. And Jim Biden has never involved his brother in his business dealings."

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