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The rise of food trucks at weddings in the Gem State

Why couples are turning to mobile vendors for their big day
Mobile weddings
Posted at 8:38 AM, May 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-18 10:48:36-04

TREASURE VALLEY, IDAHO — Whether it's for money-saving reasons, wanting to be unique, or even just hoping to make things a little easier, couples tying the knot are moving away from the typical catered reception dinner, to bringing in food trucks.

"It's cool and it's fun and it's new. I think it's more of an experience for your guests, now you can bring the kitchen to the people and we're making fresh pizzas right on the trailer," said Co-Owner of Off the Grid Pizza Tarah Phillips.

"People have been doing it for years, I think it's just becoming popular now because people are seeing it more and it's more socially accepted to have the less traditional wedding atmosphere. People are kind of giving away to the idea that you can kind of make the day about you and what you want for your guests," said Kersten Grigg, owner of Big Daddy's BBQ.

There's a unique feeling guests experience when they're not just sitting down being served typical wedding grub.

"You can get almost anything you want from a full-service, but elevated. Food's gonna bring those people together, and when you add a food truck element to it, you're really kind of opening up the air to people letting loose and be themselves and have a good time. And they're gonna have some really good food," said Grigg.

If your venue is in a remote part of the Gem State, there's a good chance feeding your guests won't be a problem.

"We're doing weddings in McCall, Ketchum, in Stanley, we went to Rigby, Idaho. So, we can go all over," said Phillips.

Most importantly, it's easy to have a food truck show up for your wedding.

"That's what I try to tell the brides too, it's less stress on them, we show up, we set up the tables, we bring all of our disposable plates and napkins, we clean everything up, I mean it's super simple, it's way less stress," said Phillips.

The last note on food truck weddings, the ability to truly get up close and personal.

"It's so cool. I mean, we love being a part of their special day, and like I said, the brides and grooms we worked with are just so fun and cool. It's just a really fun vibe," said Phillips.

"For me, the best part is knowing that we made their day special, and we got to be a part of that," said Grigg.

If you were interested in booking a food truck for your wedding, or any occasion really, you can contact the Southern Idaho Food Truck Association through their website.