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Made in Idaho: Cinn-nom-nom Bakery and Cafe

The newest from-scratch bakery in Meridian
Posted at 9:29 AM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-22 12:32:47-05

MERIDIAN, ID — For potentially older generations, you might hear words from younger generations that sound like gibberish, get confused, and not think much of it. But if you ever hear the phrase, "nom nom," it's good to know that it loosely translates to "good food." With that being said, let's head to Meridian for some tasty treats at Cinn-nom-nom Bakery and Cafe.

"We are a from-scratch bakery--we try and do as much as we can from scratch," said Cinn-nom-nom Bakery and Cafe Owner Brandi Kissack.

Open since November of last year, Cinn-nom-nom Bakery and Cafe not only offers all kinds of from-scratch baked goods, but so much more.

"We make our own yogurts, granola, hummus, everything we can make," said Kissack.

But cinnamon rolls are the specialty at this sweet little establishment, something you might get from the name.

"The name came from--I used to work at the College of Idaho, so it was a bunch of college students, and I would make them cinnamon rolls every morning, and it was just a fun way to say cinnamon rolls. We called them Cinn-nom-nom rolls when we printed out the menu," said Kissack.

Back to the "everything is made from scratch" part for a second. Brandi says she's worked at several bakeries in the past, and wanted to make sure to separate Cinn-nom-nom from anywhere else.

"I see a lot of things being made from mixes and brought in frozen, pre-baked or par baked, and I like to do everything--have my hands in everything myself," said Kissack.

You might have already guessed what the hottest item at Cinn-nom-nom is...

"Well the cinnamon rolls obviously are the favorite," said Kissack.

But nearly as popular is a household must during the winter.

"I'm really surprised that people love my soups. So I do a scratch-made soup daily and I have a rotation, and people come everyday and call me, 'what soup do you have today?'" said Kissack.

Brandi and her family have lived in the Boise area for well over a decade now.

"I came to visit a friend in Boise when I was in culinary school and it was the first place that ever felt like a home to me," said Kissack.

Which is exactly why she's put her heart and soul into Cinn-nom-nom, Meridian's newest "Made in Idaho" gem!

"I wanted to stay and just establish myself here. This kind of to me makes me more of a permanent part of the area," said Kissack.