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Holiday season tipping do's and don'ts

A survey found 15% of adults in the United States will increase how much they tip this holiday season compared to last year.
Holiday season tipping do's and don'ts
Posted at 2:09 PM, Dec 18, 2023

It’s the holiday season, so when and how much should you tip?

A survey found Americans plan to increase annual tips this holiday season.

Whether it’s your hairstylist, child care provider or landscaper, a recent survey by Bankrate found 15% of U.S. adults will increase how much they tip this holiday season compared to last year.

This comes after the idea of ‘tip fatigue’ was discussed a lot earlier this year.

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Around half of adults plan to tip teachers, and 42% will tip landscapers, gardeners, and snow removers, for example.

The survey found that housekeepers and child care providers are among the highest-tipped workers.

However, the survey also found a portion of Americans, 32%, will seek advice about how to tip around the holidays.

In general, experts say you should tip people providing you services throughout the year, or even just one-time services. The more skill and experience involved in a service you're playing for, the more you should consider tipping, experts say.

So how much should you tip? Etiquette experts say 20% is typically adequate. This is a good rule of thumb for babysitters, hairstylists, nail techs, waitstaff at restaurants, and delivery drivers.

Bankrate says for bartenders and baristas, one to two dollars per drink is good practice.

If you’re staying in a hotel, tipping housekeeping three to five dollars per day is recommended.

Remember, many people who work for tips rely on them to earn a living.

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