Goathead Fest aims to make streets more bike friendly

Posted at 10:39 PM, Aug 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-04 00:40:46-04

BOISE — A Treasure Valley event aims to to make the roads a more bike friendly. Thousands gathered in Downtown Boise on Saturday for the annual Goathead Fest.

"It doesn't matter what kind of bicycle you ride. It doesn't matter what kind of rider you are. You're negatively affected by goatheads, so how can we take that negative into a positive to bring all types of riders together to share space, grow together, learn together, have fun, and then get empowered to take on larger obstacles," said Jimmy Hallyburton, Boise Bicycle Project.

Hallyburton says more than 4,000 pounds of goatheads were turned in.

People in costume took to the streets for the pedal powered parade. There was live music, dancing, food, and drink. A flash mob surprised the crowd on the Idaho State Capitol steps.

"It was so fun to kind of see people rise from the crowd, start playing an instrument, start singing, start dancing, and create the movement that we needed to everybody rolling down the road," said Hallyburton.

The event aims to bring the community together to make a difference

“Oftentimes we are reminded of the struggles that bicyclists face day to day within our infrastructure within our streets and this gives us all an amazing opportunity to come together and put that aside and just be able to celebrate what we all love so much which is bicycling around our beautiful city,” said Nina Schaeffer, Boise Bicycle Project.