Give Your Valentine A Delicious Bouquet Of Meat And Cheese

Give Your Valentine A Delicious Bouquet Of Meat And Cheese
Posted at 12:00 PM, Feb 09, 2021
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If your sweetie prefers savory goodies or if you just want to give your Valentine something more unique than the traditional box of chocolates and flower arrangement, how about a charcuterie bouquet? While the word charcuterie is a French term for the art of preparing and assembling cured meats, the practice has evolved to include other tasty snacks, from cheese, bread and spreads to nuts, fruit and the occasional cookie or candy.

These days, creative culinary professionals are designing bouquets containing an array of delicious ingredients that you might be able to order in time for Valentine’s Day if your sweetheart lives within their delivery area. If not, you could scroll through and be inspired to put together an eye-catching, mouthwatering arrangement of your own.

Galentine’s Box Of Meat, Cheese And Sweets

Chic-Cuterie is a Long Island, New York-based charcuterie delivery service offering several designs for Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day. According to a Facebook post, they have a bouquet made from three soppressata “roses,” bresaola, mini bries, manchego and a chocolate-covered strawberry. In addition, all of their Valentine’s Day specials include fresh fruit, crackers, nuts, macaroons and chocolate.

Savory Snacks On A Stick

Poughkeepsie, New York-based Box’d offers charcuterie bouquets consisting of skewered meat “roses,” cheese cubes, fruits, veggies and more, all wrapped in butcher paper with some leafy greens as a flowery background.

“Another amazing Valentine’s specialty is our charcuterie bouquet,” Box’d posted on Facebook. “Perfect for your meat & cheese loving guy or gal!”

They Have The Meats

The Manly Man Company offers a bouquet of beef jerky flowers on meat stick stems tucked inside a beer mug “vase.” Recipients receive a dozen flowers, and you can choose from original, teriyaki or hot flavors.

Rows Of Roses

In Scottsdale, Arizona, Bagasin Charcuterie offers a box filled with “posies” made from rolled slices of meat and cheese. The boxed bouquets also include fruit, crackers and olives, as well as a few sprigs of greenery for a decorative touch.

Charcuterie Lover

Yay Bouquet is a Toronto-based edible bouquet retailer. Among their many tempting designs is this lovely purple arrangement in the Facebook post below, which is made using eight types of smoked sausages, four types of cheese, olives, cherry tomatoes, rosemary and “a dose of our love.”

Bouquets And Boxes

Whether you prefer a vase filled with charcuterie fixings or a box of luscious goodies, Chef G’s Table has it covered. Skewers loaded with rolled meats, cheese wedges, pickles, olives and fruits look gorgeous in a rustic container, but they can be just as appealing tucked into a box and topped with a few heart-shaped sugar cookies.

Who needs flowers and chocolate? Whether you order a bouquet to be delivered or make one yourself, your Valentine is sure to be impressed. You might want to treat yourself to some salty snacks while you’re at it!

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