Girls with Leukemia go on dream hunting trip

Posted at 10:51 PM, Nov 17, 2019

IDAHO — The local non-profit, Scooter's Youth Hunting Camp, takes kids who are or have battled a life-threatening illness on a hunting trip of their dreams. This year Bailey Saffery and Savannah Johnson got to go.

"I get to go on this amazing elk hunt, and I was like really excited for it, and it was just so amazing," said Savannah Johnson.

Both the young girls had Leukemia. The trip gives them a week away from treatments to get outdoors and make memories with their families.

"It was really cold. There were a lot of elks. It took us ten days and three separate trips to get the elk that I got. it was a lot of hiking too," said Johson.

The organization does a bear hunt every spring and an elk hunt every fall.

"It was really fun and exciting. The first time I was up there, like on the stand. I got nervous, and as soon as the bear walked in, I like, got excited," said Bailey Saffery.

The organizer Scott McGann says he's been doing these hunts for more than ten years, but this year it hits close to home.

"This year, cancer is in my own home. My wife is fighting breast cancer right now. Kind of a role reversal. Usually, I'm just the guy that gives them good advice, and now they're giving me advice about the journey that we're on as a family," said Scott McGann.

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