Girls learn wilderness safety at Bogus Basin

Posted at 9:42 PM, Mar 24, 2019

BOISE — Some young girls with SheJumps got a chance to ski and also learn mountain safety at Bogus Basin on Sunday.

“Some people think that, well, like, girls can’t do things that boys can, but they actually can,” said Camilla Keefe, SheJumps participant.

“I do want to be an ER doctor or a teacher when I grow up and a ski patroller, so this is really fun and I learned that there’s a different part of the splint you can use. You can even use your shirt as a splint if you need to,” said Lucy King, SheJumps particpant.

SheJump's Wild Skills Junior Ski Patrol program covers a wide range of tools to use in the outdoors.

“When you go out in the back country with somebody else and you’re doing something, you can have the knowledge about how to, like, help somebody if they get hurt," said Lucy Spiess, SheJumps participant.

The girls are split into teams based on their skier ability and rotated into different stations.

“We learned about avalanche security. We learned about, like, if people get hurt, how they carry them in the sleds,” said Piper Spengler, participant.

“And we got to pull some,” said Keefe.

Women from the ski patrol community taught snowmobile safety, toboggan use, and avalanche basics.

“We had variable snow and the girls were so tough and they never complained about being cold. We had sideways wind, we had whiteout conditions and these little rippers just showed up and were awesome little skiers,” said Kim Holloway, regional coordinator, SheJumps.

SheJumps is always looking for volunteers for their programs and you don't have to be an outdoor expert to help out. Head here for more information, SheJumps