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Girl Scout Cookie Season Has Started, And You Can Now Get The New Raspberry Rally Cookie

Girl Scout Cookie Season Has Started, And You Can Now Get The New Raspberry Rally Cookie
Posted at 6:30 AM, Jan 11, 2023

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to eat more cookies? If so, you’re in luck. That’s because Tuesday was the start of the Girl Scout cookie season! Yes, it’s that beautiful time of year when Thin Mints, Samoas, Peanut Butter Patties and more finally come back into your life … and your belly.

And this year, a new Girl Scout cookie is just begging to become your new favorite. The Raspberry Rally is being called “Thin Mint’s sister,” but we promise they have a flavor all their own. The thin, crispy cookie is infused with raspberry flavor and then dipped in chocolate.

Raspberry Rally is sure to become a fan-favorite, much like the previous new flavor, Adventurefuls. Adventurefuls took Girl Scout cookie booths by storm last year — and left many people disappointed, as Girl Scouts didn’t have enough of the cookie to keep up with the demand.

Girl Scouts of the USA

“Little Brownie Bakers is working diligently to address the impact that the labor shortage has had on the production of Adventurefuls,” the Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital Council said in a statement last year, Food and Wine reported. “GSUSA is working with both cookie companies to try to provide a solution before the end of the cookie season, so we still have hope. Your other Girl Scout Cookie favorites like Thin Mints and Samoas are in stock and ready to go.”

Lesson learned: Scoop up boxes of Raspberry Rally as soon as you see little girls in Girl Scout uniforms, because you might not get a second chance!

Girl Scouts of the USA

To find a Girl Scout cookie seller near you, you can text COOKIES to 59618 to get information directly to your phone about where you can find cookies and other cookie information. You can also enter your ZIP code here to find Girl Scout Cookie booths near you. Best of all, reach out directly to Girl Scouts you know and make their day by buying a few boxes!

This year Girl Scout cookie prices have been hit by inflation (like everything else), so you can expect to pay $6 a box instead of $5. At least it will give Girl Scouts more of an opportunity to flex their math skills as they make change!

By Bridget Sharkey, for Scripps News

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