Finding Hope


The Spartan Race helps athletes improve their mental health

Posted at 12:31 PM, Jul 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-01 14:37:36-04

PAYETTE — At the finish line of the Spartan Race there is a unique euphoria exuding from the athletes who crossed the finish line in this challenging obstacle course.

For three-plus miles, racers encountered many challenges and obstacles that they had to overcome in order to receive their medal for accomplishing this feat--one that pushed several people to the edge of their physical capabilities.

We caught up with a duo who has completed a ton of races and they keep coming back for more because of how the Spartan Race has changed their lives.

"It's my mud life crisis, with an emphasis on mud," said Ted Kiley. "My kids are gone and this is what I do."

The Spartan Race helps people in several facets, including mind, body and soul.

"I just love it--just this feeling at the end," said Miran McCormack. "Mental health is a huge reason for me to be out here, along with nutrition and just getting up and getting going."

These races force people to face their fears head-on, but the race also encourages people to help each other out.

"Now I'm doing things I never though I could do," said McCormack. "I'm climbing that rope and flying through the barbed wire."

"Sometimes you start to lose hope in the middle, but at the end you feel great," said Kiley.

The Spartan Race comes to Idaho once a year, but there are races all over the country. If this is something you are interested in checking out, click here for more information.