Finding Hope


My Grief Connection provides resources for healing after a loss

Posted at 12:54 AM, Jul 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-21 13:10:10-04

IDAHO — Losing a loved one. It's something we all experience at some point in our lives.

But, for Sara Cobb it came without warning. Two years ago on the fourth of July, Sara Cobb's older brother tragically died by suicide.

“It was just truly shocking and really the most devastating thing I could think of experiencing,” said Sara.

She knew this loss was something she couldn't get through alone, but when she started looking online for help, to her surprise there weren't a lot of grief resources in the Treasure Valley.

“I was actually in a session with my counselor and telling her how frustrated I was that there was nothing that was really locally available," said Sara. "There was just not a lot, and there was no one place I could go.”

So, exactly one year later after her brother's tragic suicide death, Sara launched My Grief Connection. It's an online platform that connects people to the resources they need to get help through grief and loss. The website has articles, podcasts, support groups and many other grief resources.

Sara's goal with My Grief Connection is to take the worry and stress out of searching for help by providing all grief resources in one location.

“I just put on all those things that had helped me, and things that I thought might help other people that I had discovered along the way,” said Sara.

Through one of the grief resources, Sara met Lori Shaw, who lost her husband of 37 years to cancer four and half years ago.

A friendship gained by tremendous loss. But, Lori had the same experience as Sara when it came to finding the help she needed to help her with her husband's passing, she didn't know where to go.

“Trying to find people in a city that I don’t know anyone but my family has been really hard to find support groups on any kind,” said Lori.

She found Sunrise Retreat, an experience she said changed her life.

“To be able to be surrounded by widows, that maybe were a little farther along than you and your grief it was so healing, and wonderful and part of a sisterhood that I didn’t even know was out there,” said Lori.

This is just one example of the resources My Grief Connection can help you find. Whether you need professional help, are looking for a support group, or even wanting to help someone else deal with losing a loved one, My Grief Connection has all the resources for you.

"Be kind to yourself, there is no correct pathway through grief, but if you're feeling stuck seek out support," said Sara.

She wants you to know that you're not alone and there is hope for life after losing someone you love. If you or someone you know is dealing with loss and grief, visit her website or follow My Grief Connection on Instagram or Facebook.