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Parking will be tight at the Eagle Rodeo

Parking on HWY 16 is prohibited
Posted at 10:53 PM, Jun 04, 2024

EAGLE, IDAHO — Eagle Rodeo is back and event organizers want to remind people that due to a smaller venue, there is less parking.

  • Parking on Highway 16 is off-limits.
  • Carpooling is the best option as there is a little more than half of the amount of parking spots compared to seats.
  • If you use a rideshare app you can get a free drink.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

The Eagle Rodeo is back and is returning to the same location as last year but just like last year there is limited parking. I'm your Eagle neighborhood reporter Alexander Huddleston and I met up with members of the rodeo who say carpooling is the way to go!

"We cannot have people parking on the highway," said board member Matt Woodington.

It's known as the best small-town throw-down around. But parking could become a problem.

Woodington added, "We are maxing ticket sales at 4,500 tickets this year. We have 2,700 spots. "

The Eagle Rodeo is gearing up for four nights of ropin' and ridin', but with so many people wanting to go at such a small venue, space is limited.

Woodington says they'll be working hard to get people in safely and swiftly.

"If everyone parks smart and quickly gets tied in with everybody. So if we have at least two people in every car on average, we are going to be fine on parking," said Woodington.

To make sure everyone follows the parking rules at the venue along Highway 16 Eagle Police Chief Travis Ruby says officers will be helping out with enforcement.

"We will have additional deputies out for traffic enforcement purposes, for public safety, and if we have to, we will write tickets. If cars are parked illegally, and meet the criteria for towing, we will tow cars as well," explained Chief Ruby.

After some traffic issues at last year's event, all parties want things to go smoothly.

Ruby continued, "Last year we had people walking along Highway 16 pushing strollers. People crossing Highway 16 as pedestrians, which is extremely dangerous."

Carpooling can help out quite a bit. But, rideshare services are also an option, and there's an incentive for anyone who hitches a safe ride.

"Free beer or drink token if you take an Uber or Lyft out to the rodeo grounds. there will be a special entrance for Uber and Lyft that gets dropped off really close to the arena. There will be a person waiting to give you a free beer token, you just have to arrive by 7 each night to get the token," finished Woodington.

Woodington told me it's the earlier the better when it comes to parking as it is first come first serve. the later you are the farther the walk.

The first event on Wednesday starts at 6 pm with gates opening at 5 for parking. I'll be here covering opening night so I'll see you then.