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Eagle Fire reminds people how to prevent wildfires

Be aware while enjoying the sun!
Posted at 7:08 PM, May 24, 2024

EAGLE, Idaho — Eagle Fire met up with Idaho News 6 Friday to talk about some safety tips when enjoying the warmer weather.

  • Make sure to cut back any overgrowth or foliage in hard-to-reach places near home.
  • When attaching trailers to vehicles, make sure there are no dangling chains.
  • When you start a fire, make sure to wash it out or completely put it out.
  • For grass fires, Eagle Fire Station Two has a bulldozer.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

This isn't your everyday fire truck. But for Eagle Fire, this is the season that they bring it out. I'm your Eagle neighborhood reporter Alexander Huddleston and I spoke with the fire department about how people can prevent wildfires in the dry season.

"In the past, we have had very significant grass fires that have taken thousands of acres," said Battalion Chief Rob Shoplock.

"When they do happen the whole weather changes. We have dark skies," explained one local.

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, Eagle Fire is reminding people to be cautious and careful when out having fun in the sun, to prevent wildfires.

Battalion Chief Shoplock continued, "Like prevention before intervention. When you secure your trailers to your vehicles, make sure you don't have chains dangling off, so we make sure we are not getting sparks off that. If you are in a side-by-side, UTV, or a dirt bike, make sure you have the right spark arrest on. Just making sure your fires are out. Firepits and things like that are good common sense."

I met Jennifer Bergschneider at the dog park. She says part of the reason she moved out of California was the constant worry of wildfires, one getting dangerously close to her family's home.

Bergschneider said recalling her experience, "It brings back a lot of scary feelings. All of our backyard equipment like cushions still have ash all over them."

Eagle Fire Station Two has a unique piece of equipment to combat wildfires.

"Eagle Fire Station Two houses a dozer. Every day we have someone who is able to operate on duty. This thing will go on all of our grass fires. Not just here in Eagle, but it will go into Star, Middleton, or wherever it is needed," Finished the Battalion Chief.

If folks are concerned about flames getting too close to their homes, they can check out the Firewise Garden at Eagle Bike Park which helps show homeowners what kind of flowers and plants are out there that help deter flames.